Applications Open March 1st- December 31st 2022

2021 Recipient Bagus Azhari Tosadapotto

I lived in a relatively well-off family until I was 14 years old. My parents transmigrated from a small town on the island of Sulawesi in the south to the north, which at that time was still a jungle. Being a farmer as well as an oil palm businessman, we can experience a simple life.

Until the time I was at the end of junior high school, my parents were scammed by business associates. Our family finances are a mess. Many of our family's assets have been sold to pay off these debts. At this point I realized that the world is this scary. I was bullied at school, my parents were teased by people around me. The people we helped before turned away from us. No matter how bad it is, our parents have remained steadfast. And attach great importance to our education. I am determined to make our parents happy in the future.

By the time I entered high school. We moved to a bigger city to get a better education. While starting
to work part-time in a supermarket. Selling food at school, teaching math lessons. Because it was not
enough for college fees I tried to become a freelance photographer with a loan camera. I started taking pictures of regional basketball tournaments, weddings, events held in the city. I saved all my work for the tuition fee later.

On September 28, 2018, our city was rocked by an earthquake of 7.4 on the Richter scale. Our house
was badly damaged due to the financial situation of our family plus the earthquake. I had to give up
the tuition fees I had collected to help ease the burden on my parents. I started trying from scratch. Started trying to work in a newspaper company in the region whose readers were the Z generation. I went through a lot while working here, starting with covering charity events, about trends and lifestyles of young people. And many others.

While working as a photography journalist, I also added to my portfolio when I was studying
journalism. I realize that photojournalism is not just about the art of capturing images but an image
that shows stories and deep meanings that are beneficial to society. How a photo can help a
community who is hit by a disaster, how a photo can show the state of an area to the world. I want to
take a photo like that. 'Useful photos for people around'

I really like photojournalists because we can capture images more vividly without any pretense. For
example, my photo depicts mother's love in the photo entitled 'Mother' when I describe the pain and
struggle in 'pain' and the feeling of loss in living in 'Bridge' and finally how do I describe the feeling
of helping others in 'help'.

This scholarship really helped me in my education costs. My family has not recovered since the time
he was cheated by his business partner. Plus the earthquake disaster and currently Covid-19. As well
as the very expensive cost of my sister's medical education. Because I don't want to burden my family. This fee will be very helpful because I study at the President University in Java which requires a large amount of money to leave the island. Thank you very much.

2020 Recipient

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Symone Tatiana

2017 Recipient 

Douglas Kleinsmith