Application submission period: March 1st - December 31st, 2020

Hello Students!

Below is the information regarding the application prompt and portfolio requirements. Please follow all guidelines and review carefully!


Applications must include a 300-500 word essay discussing several topics.

a. Introduce yourself, discuss aspirations, community involvement

b. Describe your work as an artist, and how it applies to contemporary society

c. Discuss how the scholarship will benefit you and your community


Applications must Include 3-5 images of your work

a. Make sure the images are of high quality, and are .JPG or .PNG files

b. Include powerful and professional images which display your talent and creativity, along with societal value

c. Confirm portfolio images are described in essay 

d. Crop all images and avoid showing anything besides your work

Signed Contract

a. Print contract or open with PDF editor

b. Manually or electronically sign/ date contract

c. Take photo or save as PDF

d. Email JPG or PDF signed scholarship contract agreement, along with essay and portfolio to:

[subject] Trevor Coopersmith Urban Art Scholarship

Feel free to include any other images, websites, awards, or financial documents which may affect your application. Good luck!